“My painting and design is a celebration of colour and pattern. I love ornament and design in both natural and man made objects. With a background in printed textiles I find myself most often drawn to flat, graphic pattern as a backdrop for flowers and domestic ceramics. 
I love to create still life paintings that either blend a harmonious colour palette or contrast with a vibrant ‘pop’ of colour and these paintings feed my inspiration and ideas for surface pattern designs. I love painted lines, the texture of paint on watercolour paper and the handmade feel of painted designs.”

About Claire and her work

Claire is a painter, illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Birmingham, West Midlands, England.

Recent years have seen Claire’s work winning a national painting prize at the RBSA and ever increasing interest from local galleries which regularly exhibit and sell her work.

Claire was born in London and in 1991 graduated in Fashion and Textile Design – specialising in Printed Textiles.

As a child growing up in London, Claire was never happier than when painting or sewing. Many a doll or teddy bear had new clothes or knitwear; she even redesigned the Grattan catalogue painting models and outfits and using a typewriter to add descriptions and prices!

As a teenager working part-time in a local art shop she experimented with new materials and then began her formal art training in 1997 with a Foundation Course at Middlesex Polytechnic. It was there that Claire discovered printing and pattern design and by the end of that year had secured a place at Birmingham Polytechnic (now UCB) to study Fashion and Textile Design.

After a part-time career in teaching special needs children and raising her own family, Claire is back to doing what she loves most, painting and designing, full-time.

Claire cites her key artistic influences as Kaffe Fassett, Jean Martin, Winifred Nicholson, Jenny Wheately, Frida Khalo, Mary Fedden, Anita Klein, Francis Boag, Caroline Bailey, Brie Harrison, Anthropologie and Designer Guild.

Claire’s blog – PaintdropsKeepFalling – is gathering an enthusiastic following and she loves to hear from anyone who shares her passions and appreciates her work.